Hi-Tailyn Shorthairs
German Shorthaired Pointer Companions for the Field Trial, and Hunting Dog Families.

3xNFC FC Rawhides Clown


The Only 3 Time GSPCA National All Age Champion!!!!


NFC FC Rawhides Clown HoF
SF290858 10-90
White & Liver
FC Jigs White Smoke HoF
SC373173 01-79
White & Liver
FC AFC Moesgaard's Jigs
SB244188 05-76
Liver Roan
FC Brown-L
SA448852 12-67
Moesgaard's Cocoa
SA786840 09-71
White & Liver
Schatten's J J
SB935381 02-78
Liver Ticked
FC Von Der Feld Radbach Jake
SB049180 11-73
Kim's Schatten Von Bess
SA986527 07-76
FC Rawhide's Jossie Wells
SC777225 09-84
Liver & White
FC Smokey Ike's Blaze
SB173693 08-77
White & Liver
Smokey Ike's Snoopy Son
SA765977 02-73
Brown & White Ticked
Gretchen F Brodegaard
SA910272 02-73
White & Liver
FC Moeswinkle's Dutches V Jake
SB574198 02-78
Liver & White Ticked
FC Fieldacre's Jake Von Ib
SA544336 02-71
Brown & White
FC Moeswinkel's Spring Von Willy
SA589080 02-76