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3xNGDC-RU/FC Scattergun's Maggie


Owner Trudy & Ed Moody

Trainer & Handler

Ray Dohse

Breeder Scott Bodenstab


(NGSPA NSD CH/FC/AFC Saddle's Lil Clown X 
NAC/RU NC/FC/AFC Gertrude's Blue Brandi, JH)
2009 AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championships 3rd
2006 AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championships 3rd
2004 AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championships 3rd
2004 GSP News #11 Open Limited Gun Dog of the Year
2004 GSPCA #9 Open Limited Gun Dog of the Year
                            FC Direct's Fine Line                                                       DC AFC Shill Rest's Impressive CDX MH
          FC KJ's Hightailing Saddle                                                NSTRA CH Meier's Son of Impressive
                             FC AFC Joyce's Hightailing Krystle                           FC Randa's Elkhorn Princess JH
FC AFC Saddle's Lil Clown                                               NAC/RU NC/FC/AFC Gertrude's Blue Brandi JH 
                            NFC FC Rawhide's Clown                                           NFC FC Rawhide's Clown
             FC Clown's Shamrock of Cariblu                                       Gertrude Esobud's Clown
                            FC AFC Pickins Diamond Lil                                      Esobud Sadie Sue JH
whelped July 2001




2004 AKC Nationals 3rd
May 5th, 2004: Ray and two-year-old GSP "Maggie" win 3rd place 
out of 94 starters at the AKC Pointing Breed Non-Retrieving 
Gun Dog Championships in Branched Oaks, Nebraska!
Holding Maggie is Mr. Ray Marshall who expertly scouted Maggie to her win.

Maggie is following in her big sister Bitty's footsteps.  Bitty was the Runner-Up Champion at the 2001 AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championships as a 
two-year-old as well.  

Bitty and Maggie are both out of the outstanding field trial dam, Gertrude's Blue Brandi, owned by Scott and Alease Bodenstab www.Hi-Tailyn.com.


2006 AKC Nationals 3rd
14A) FC Scattergun's Maggie (GSP female) Ed & Trudy Moody owners, Ray Dohse handler.
14B) Phineland's Gustaverson (GSP male) Darlene Mast owner, Jim Heckert, handler.

   Maggie ran a beautiful course with stylish work on her birds. She had a nice retrieve on course. Goose made some sharp moves and pointed birds on three occasions. He successfully completed his retrieve on course.